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wow [08 Jan 2006|05:05pm]
[ mood | bored ]

I know its been forever but hey wat can i say i always seem to forget to update my lj.. lol..

anyways. winter break was amazing i had so many fun memeories with staci and duha, then christmas, and omg new years. this was by far the best break ever.

then last week i started my first job at sweetbay and im really likin it, even tho between today (sunday) and next saturday my only days off are today and thursday.. ha and i spent all day today at duhas house without duha waitin to go hang out with peter while she worked. lame huh? well yea

thats pretty much life right now for the first time in along time i like school and all my classes, and im working! lol

comment if u feel so moved to do so

P.S I just cleaned duhas room for her so she'd be surprised when she got home from work.. haha im a great bestfriend I know I know

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wosrt day ever [17 Nov 2005|02:58pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

ok so i have no doubt in my mind that today was one of those worst days at school for me ALL year... no doubt...

so this is how it went
*I woke up late so i had to hurry and get ready which is when i banged my knee
*Got to school and duha informed me that i had something on the back of my skirt that looked like water but obviously wasnt becuz it was dry so it must be oil so i wore my skirt BACKWARDS all day
*I straightened my hair this morning and within 5 minutes it was unstraight and i had to put it up.
*I forgot to do my homework lastnight so i was a "parasite" in 2 classes
*I got my cell phone taken away!!!!!!! THAT SUCKED ASS!
*In the middle of first period I relized i was wearing ONE earring like an idiot!
*I forgot that we didnt have practice today so i had no ride home till i found one with duha

tell me thats not horrible!

urggg It would take a WHOLE lot to make this day good in anyway... PLEASE someone help me! lol..

im just glad to be home is all

♥ CrAzYbEaUtIfUl

hmm [06 Nov 2005|06:06pm]
[ mood | chipper ]


Lots of things have been going on like im doing better in school now and thats my goal for the rest of the year to keep my grades up... colorguard season is almost over we only have one more competition left which is STATES.. becuz yes we made it! lol... I turn 16 in 19days my sweet16 is in 14 days... o my... lol...

yesterday we had a competition .. we didnt do as well as we expected but it wasnt so bad.. i mean wat did everyone expect? we added a whole shit load of new work to the closer (which was pretty much the only problem) and we were all exhausted becuz we had been at school practicing since 9:30 and didnt stop until AFTER competition... thats a pretty long day... lol... um yea then after competition christie and duha came home with me and we all hung out then today i slept A LOT! lol im so beat..

well anyways ima go now becuz i be bored.. so xoxo

♥ CrAzYbEaUtIfUl

holey shit [11 Oct 2005|06:17pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

well damn I know its been Like FOREVER RIGHT? lol well i have been so busy lately that i look at my computer and bassically cry lol but lately I've been on lock down and not alowd to do much outside of school and school activities so watever we'll see how long that lasts ... since my dads so soft lol

well anywways colorguard is going good pretty much i mean there are a few kinks and knots here and there but its nothing too bad we are actually doing REALLY good right now with everything... its been a fun season so far... Winterguard on the other hand im not so sure of yet ill decide that later...
It seems to take up a lot of my time BUT its usually always fun so its ok...

then theres me NOT doing very well in school aka geometry honors... lol FAILING but im doing really good in my other classes so its cool...

Homecoming is comin in like 3 weeks and i dont have a date yet... dont know if i want one either idk the right person would have to ask i guess...

Im litterally falling apart in front of everyone lol my knee is still f'ed up real bad, I have a huge ass cut that prob. needed stitches on my foot, I got stung by a mysterious insect on my finger (not a bee or wasp cuz im allergic so i'd be screwed lol), and my shoulder has been bothering me thanks to being run into a wall by SOMEONE! cough cough! lol... pretty soon ill be a bodiless head that someone just has to carry around lol... who wants to help?

haha well i have lots of homework AND I need to study for my midterm in GEOMERTY ... aw crap AND we have PSATS tomorrow aint that some shit!

xoxo <3

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weirdo [04 Sep 2005|05:17pm]
[ mood | sad ]

I feel odd.. weird.. off.. like somethings missings... hince if u couldnt tell im having a SHITTY day...

I just want everything to be ok and for this to pass over... please let it!!

Homecoming is coming soon and i dont even think i have someone to go with yet... haha...

tonight should be fun/interesting hanging out with duha and sandra and other people going to have FUN.. yeaa u know it! lol...

went out and layed out by the pool for like 45 minutes today...

UrG i feel so odd... hopefully by tuesday atleast i'll be sure of things......

well ima go hang out with duha for alittle xoxoxox

♥ CrAzYbEaUtIfUl

DAMN ITS BEEN AWHILE [02 Sep 2005|02:59pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

well damn i know its been awhile.... lol...

football games have been fun.. kinda sorta.. we have one tonight! i hope its fun or im just going to have a heart attack or something lol... no joke!

fell behind already so this week i spent a lot of time focusing on school and doing wat im supposed to and doing my homework and being on time and in class everyday! I had a 24% in marine science and well that wasnt too cute! so im working on that one a lot and then geometry well thats a 73 not too bad but i do need to get it up really badly... spanish thats easy and drivers ed well i have become a good driver and well its hard to fail unless u just dont go or unless u crash a car... lol!

um other then that i have been hanging out with all the usual people and shitt.. its been fun but deff. a pretty caotic year so far! and its only going to get better!

well yea i have to go practice for tonights game, get ready and then leave so yes till forever! lol xoxo <3

♥ CrAzYbEaUtIfUl

this weekend was kick ass... [22 Aug 2005|11:08am]
[ mood | chipper ]

well this weekend was so much fun! omg

regardless of going all the way out to that football game and then there not being one and us having to wait for 2 hours... it was still awesome...

then saturday was fun i went shopping for duha and then to practice then we went out to dinner with everyone then e went out to the beach and then out to downtown and finally came home...

sunday I had to wake up early to get everything ready for duhas SURPRISE party... lmao... omg that was sooooo much fun! everyone came and it was just SO much fun! omggg lol then peter and albina and john were here till like 9:30 and relized that john didnt have his keys becuz nicki did lmao so they had to wait for paul to bring them! hahahahaha omg that shit was so funny... it was soooo much fun

but with everything from saturday and sunday I got sooo burnt! omg its not even funny... i woke up this morning so sore and tired that i had to stay home lol ...

well ima go now and rest... ttyl

♥ CrAzYbEaUtIfUl

well [18 Aug 2005|09:12pm]
[ mood | content ]

first football game it tomorrow... all the way in the fuck of nowhere but its all good lol... watever!

um yea its going to be so much fun!

this weekend is going to be the shit man! lol yes sir!

well thats all i really have to say becuz im kinda tired and worn out from school and guard practice so talk to you all later....


♥ CrAzYbEaUtIfUl

yes sir [16 Aug 2005|09:31pm]
so school has been great but there is deff. a lot going on with like havig guard practice and then student goverment meetings and then all that other good stuff on top of my lame ass honors geometry and all my other classes... but this year is going really well so far!

I GOT MY PERMIT TODAY! lol and i turn 16 in like 3 months and something days thats pretty sad i could be driving by then mannn! lol... o well atleast i finally got it done and i didnt even miss any questions either damn u gotta be proud of me! lol...

well this weekend should be fun especially saturday its muh bestfriends birthday! yayyy! lol...

well um wat else is new... nothing lol i spend a lot of time after school and thats basically it! lol... wow exciting i know...

anyways ima go and do homework that i was supposed to do like 4 hours ago lol... ttyl!
♥ CrAzYbEaUtIfUl

jesus are u serious [10 Aug 2005|10:00pm]
[ mood | how u feel when u miss someone ]

my lovely staci james~

tonight was for the most part amazing and I can not believe still that you are really leaving me for so long its not going to be the same without u, things just wont be as crazy and much fun because your leaving! i want u to know that I appriciate u and every single thing u have ever done for me you are such an amazing person and i will always love you for everything u are! U have been such a good friend to me and helped me learn so much about myself and other people thats its fucking incrediable! ... I dont like good byes in fact i hate them I cant believe I really have to say good bye to u now because at 11 o'clock in the morning tomorrow u will no longer be here! ur not going to have to deal with all out shit and hear all of it all the time now and I aplaud u for getting away from it when u could! I hope you understand how much i love u and im going to miss you so fucking much!! U are so special to me! omg I just cant shut the fuck up! just remember that u better call me all the time and update me on ur life and u cant let this distance kill our friendship we have to stay tight as can be! bestfriends forever is my promise to u nomatter where the fuck u are! I <3 you! please dont forget about me! by the way I changed my mind this isnt good bye this is see you later!

I love u and ima miss u SO fucking incrediably much!

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hmph [10 Aug 2005|03:03pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

well um today was long and um spanish hahaha our spanish teacher can hardly speak the damn language that shes tryin to teach us! lmao lamo!

Hola.. buenos dias! hahah lol im kickin spanish ass lmao!


well i just about killed my damn self today lmao I did almost everything to almost kill myself on accident! lmo... haha rere


♥ CrAzYbEaUtIfUl

heyyy [09 Aug 2005|09:22pm]
[ mood | cold ]

well school is awesome.. but in like less then a week in going to be praying that it was just over and summer came back! lol...

I have fun classes and i think im actually going to do good this year! i havent seen many people that i want to see yet but maybe thats cuz there are a CRAP load of freshman! lol.. aww they're so cute.. lol... some of them that is! haha

I take my permit test on tuesday! haha wish me good luck finally! lol xoxo <3

♥ CrAzYbEaUtIfUl

oh my [08 Aug 2005|06:14am]
[ mood | awake ]

oh my lord is it really time to go back already?? i woke up this morning and i was just like not uh u gotta be kidding me back to this again! lol but im really excited this year is going to be so much friken fun!

megan is picking me up in alittle bit so i gotta go finish getting ready now! xoxo

have fun today everyone! <3<3

by the way my celly isnt working and wont be till later so dont bother tryin to call me on it till tonight... call my house phone if u need me!

♥ CrAzYbEaUtIfUl

aw poor sweet summer [06 Aug 2005|03:45pm]
[ mood | bored ]

wow... summer went by soooo fast! and i had soooo much fun! i got to hang out with so many of my favorite people! it was awesome!

but im very excited to start school as a sophmore on monmday YES! omg this year is going to be sooo much fun with colorguard, student council, winterguard, football games, competitions! OMG I CANT WAIT!

so im going shopping today and its going to be a shit load of fun! lol.. i LOVE shopping! YAY!

so um um um i gotta get ready to go soon so yes! peace!

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my schedual [04 Aug 2005|10:25pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]


first semester!
1st~ drivers ed. (first nine weeks)
~~~ Parenting skills (second nine weeks)
2nd~ Marine science
3rd~ spanish one with DUHA!
4th~ geometry honors

second semester!
1st~ Spanish 2 with duha and Jose!
2nd~ enviromental health (first nine weeks)
~~~ ecology ( second nine weeks)
3rd~ World History
4th~ English 2 honors!

let me know if we have classes together!

3 Image hosted by Photobucket.com♥ CrAzYbEaUtIfUl

ME! [02 Aug 2005|02:56pm]

...lastnight when we went to visit Jojo at Wendys!....

me in Jojos care a few weeks ago before going to envy!! .... xoxo


haha ok so im bored! o well!

7 Image hosted by Photobucket.com♥ CrAzYbEaUtIfUl

MY LOVES! [01 Aug 2005|05:58pm]
[ mood | calm ]



♥ CrAzYbEaUtIfUl

HAHAH yesterday [01 Aug 2005|12:54pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

well yesterday was a lot of fun...

hmmm o woke up at stacis casa hung out with her till like 6 ish... came home took a shower and got ready then my dad drove me to duhas house left my stuff there then walked over to Johns dads house to hang out with him and bina and peter (becuz johns car died..haha) so that duha could hang out with christie and jose... then megan paul and some of pauls friends showed up and we decided to go downtown and hang out there for alittle then megan tells me she needs a place to stay when we were at mcdonalds so i was like ok ... told duha that obviously didnt go too well... went to binas to get her stuff then to some atm and some store that was closed then we dropped off peter and john at their houses and came home... got alittle tipsy ... lol talked to peter then went to sleep finally.. woke up at like 12 with a killer headache and have been doing pretty much nothing since then! yep...

and today i dont know wat im doing but its going to be something i know this! lol...

well yea ima go now...xoxo <3

♥ CrAzYbEaUtIfUl

sorry [29 Jul 2005|04:54pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

i know i know... its been awhile...so wat? lol...

well I had guard camp all week but didnt make it yesterday or today for a lot of reasons...it sucks! i really really wanted to be there... I so sorry everyone...

so i havent really done much becuz of camp...

last saturday was soooo crazy...and im not going into detail becuz if i wanted to I prob. already told u about it! lol.... absolutely CrAzY! then sunday I hung out with john bina and peter at the mall then went to eat then to johns house then to coldstone then see sandra then to peters house and finally home... I had a lot of fun on sunday!

Monday I had camp and passed out ... ended up with a big bruise on my booty lol... then after that i hung out with sandra john albina and duha, tuesday camp then i hung out with sandra, john, bina, duha, nicki, jamiee, and meghan at cics then we all came back to hang out at my house and go swimming except meghan didnt get to go...(had lots of fun!... then wednesday I had camp and came home after and didnt do anything except sleep and occasionally pick up my phone when I felt like it lol... and thursday got all the way to school before my mom relized i was too sick to stay at practice so she took me home...slept all day then HAD to leave my house for some reasons and stayed at albinas we hung out with john and heather and then today we just hung out me and her but i missed camp... :( ... and later im going downtown becuz I cant go to the thingy at school becuz im too far behind! IM SO SORRY EVERYONE EVEN THO ITS NOT MY FAULT!

well this is long enough so ima go lol if anyone wants to do something this weekend give me a call! xoxo <3

♥ CrAzYbEaUtIfUl

just to clean my mind [23 Jul 2005|05:34pm]
[ mood | upset ]

to one of my <FONT color=#000000>bestfriends SRJCollapse )

♥ CrAzYbEaUtIfUl

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